Road trip from DENVER to Lincoln – stops for kids

We had to make a trip from the Denver area to Lincoln, Nebraska.  I researched the best places along I-76 and I-80.
Our first stop was in Julesberg about 3 hours into the trip.  The Colorado Welcome center is accessible from east and westbound I-76.  Clean restrooms, including a family restroom.  There is area for the kids to run – but no playground.  The tee pees are fun for the kids to run in out of and to have a snack in.

A good stop for lunch is the Valentino’s in Ogallala Nebraska. It’s right off the interstate and has a buffet that perfect for every member of the family. Great food and budget friendly.

Kearney is the next stop. Best place if you are in a hurry is the Burger King. They have a decent play place inside where kids can run around regardless of the weather.

If you need a place to stay – Kearney is a great place to stop for the night. This holiday inn is by far the best one I have ever stayed at! It had an indoor water park!!

If you are going through this area (Kearney and Grand Island) in the right time of year (October is not) you can go see the sand hill cranes. It doesn’t sound all that great but trust me it’s amazing when the birds are there.

If you final stop is Lincoln (like ours) it’s only a couple hours past Kearney. Before you head back the other direction if you can make a stop at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo the kids (and you) will remember it for ever. It’s not a huge zoo so it’s great for Little’s and don’t bring a stroller. There is so much to do and see and touch and learn that it’s better to let them roam free. And hopefully extend their nap to give you a head start in the car 🙂< img src=”; class=”wp-image-151 size-full” height=”419″ width=”314″>