Countryside Park (Outdoor pool), Westminster Colorado

Last weekend the girls and I tried a new park not too far from our home. We went to the Park next to the Countryside outdoor pool in Westminster. I am not sure if the park itself has a name, if it does I can’t seem to find it. So if you are looking to go you will have to remember Countryside Pool. The girls call it the Lighthouse Park.

It really a great park to spend some time in. This park has ZERO shade on the playground it self. It does have a small picnic pavilion though.

The playground it self is actually quite creative. It is an ocean theme. The first thing you will notice is the large lighthouse structure. You can climb interior stairs from the floor up to the top where you can slide down. You can also get out in the middle and walk to a cargo net that you can clamber across to another structure.

On the other side of the structure there is another slide as well as a boat! What’s amazing about the boat is that you can get it to swing back and forth – it was funnier for the girls if I got the momentum moving but they were able to get it going a little bit on their own.

On one side of the large play structure there is a monkey bar course and a spinning apparatus. There is also a sidewalk that surrounds the playground that has “waves” in it. A little boy was there while we were there and was riding his little bike up and down the waves.

On the other side of the playground is a structure for smaller kids that is themed like a ship. It has a ships wheel and a smaller slide. This part is also partially accessible to children with disabilities – the hard rubber play surface goes up to this structure. It does not extend to other parts of the park. There are 2 swings and 2 infant swings. There is also a see saw which is always a nice touch!

No Bathrooms and no water fountain.

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